Written forms are a
thing of the past.

Save time, increase your security, and better your care.

Paper just doesn't cut it anymore.

The Form Dilemma

Since their creation, forms have been a valuable tool for collecting a patient's historical, medical, and personal information. However, these multiple page documents are tedious to fill out and even harder to decipher.

Patient information is then filed away, where its usefulness quickly diminishes. Patterns and unique responses are difficult to find and even harder to apply.

Its time to bring forms from a necessary hurdle to an invaluable tool.

Don't waste valuable time

Filling out a form takes a substantial amount of time, especially if the patient does it in-office. These responses then need to be filed away, electronically or by other means. On average this takes 15 minutes of appointment time.

Don't sacrifice the quality of your care

Information gained from these forms is vital for effective quality-based care, but it can be hard to quickly use form responses in same day appointments.

Don't fall behind

When forms are sent by email, it can be difficult for a patient to print, fill out, and return their responses. Electronic synergy with EMRs or other systems is almost non-existent.

Forms with function

Plexus Practice Management

The Practice Management software lets patients easily and conveniently take their medical forms while equipping clinics to make the most of each response.

Managing your forms through Plexus saves an average of 10 minutes of intake time per patient, allowing you to devote that time to more quality care.

Intake Photo

Built with simplicity in mind

Individuals of all ages and skill levels can navigate quickly and easily to fill out any difficulty of form.
Help is available during normal work hours for both clinicians and patients.

Automated Form

Automate your healthcare

Form Analytics

Advanced statistics accompany every created form. All responses are compiled and cross-checked across the nation; ouliers are flagged as important.

This allows for simple response navigation for more targeted and efficient care; even on same day appointments.

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